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With the "auto select" system, the adjustment of this drill (torque and speed) is greatly facilitated: a transparent ring to turn, a drawing to put in front of the window... And voila!

Drill PS142KB from Black & Decker


Maker: Black & Decker
Reference: PS142KB
Voltage: 14.4 volts
Number of speeds: 2 (mechanical)
Percussion function: Yes
Charge indicator: Yes
No load speed: 0-400 / 0-1 200 rpm
Nm torque: 23
Chuck type: 1 metal hand, ø 10 mm
Maximum capacity: concrete 10 mm, metal 10 mm, wood 25 mm
Weight: 2 kg
Supplied accessories: charger (1h), second battery
Price generally found:129,79 Euros (eco-tax included)

In use

Getting started
This classic-looking cordless drill reveals an unusual front part: wide notched crown and transparent ring with reading window. By moving the ring, we see scrolling eleven different positions. The setting with one notch is triggered in front of each drawing. Without consulting the notice, it is understood that the first six notches are screwing. The increasing size of the screws symbolizes the tightening torque: from the small screw (in the plasterboard) to the thicker joints.

Then come the notches for drilling metal and wood. A space separates them from the two notches of drilling dedicated to the masonry (without percussion) and that of the function percussion. By simply rotating the crown, the machine takes care of selecting the right speed and the correct tightening torque for the chosen operation. A welcome setting system for novice DIYers.

The front-to-back button is as always present near the trigger. a pressure on a small button immediately informs with a display with three diodes on the state of charge of the batteries.

The different anti-slip coatings contribute to overall comfort. associated with the automatic shaft lock, the "one-handed" mandrel facilitates the change of drill bit. The trigger is used to start gradually (start drilling on tiling) or to maintain a slower speed (useful for drilling metal).

Screwing side, this drill meets the criteria of a good machine 14.4 V. The first six notches leave a range of torque adjustment suitable for common uses and the power of the batteries is sufficient for large screwing in a frame.

Drilling capacities in concrete, metal and wood meet the main standards of a 14.4 V machine and cover the everyday needs of DIYers. On the other hand, one should not confuse possibility of drilling with percussion and perforator. The machine is able to drill holes in the concrete but with some pressure on the handle. It does not have an auxiliary handle to make the maneuver easier. To make a series of holes in concrete, charge both batteries before starting work because the effort required tends to empty the batteries quickly.


  • The effort to simplify settings allows novice DIYers to instantly find the right torque and speed.
  • The grip is comfortable, the practical battery test and the 2 kg of the device rather well distributed.

The lessers

  • The spring of the locking mechanism of the battery is too firm: it is necessary to force a little on the red operating button during battery changes. The battery is quickly discharged in case of percussion holes in the concrete.

Our opinion

In aiming for simplicity, the manufacturer wants to attract the favor of inexperienced DIYers who question the choice of speeds or torque. To do it well, it would be useful to rectify the system with two springs a little shy of the batteries. But it is perhaps an imperfection concerning only a pre-production model (the only one available in France at the time of our test).

Adjust the couple

Adjust the couple

At the first step, the torque setting is ideal for delicate jobs such as the installation of backing plates.

Choose the mode

Choose the mode

The window of the transparent ring offers a clear view of the chosen function (evoked by the drawing of a screw or a drill).