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Reference: PSB 1000 RCA
Recommended price: 139 Euros
Absorbed power: 1,010 W
Max torque: 17 Nm
Vacuum speed: 0-2 700 rpm
Speed ​​setting: by dimmer on the top
Percussion: Yes
Typing frequency: 0-43 200 cps / min
Rotation: left right
Mandrel: quick release
Chuck capacity: Ø 1.5 to 13 mm
Length of the power cable: 2.45m
Perimeter of the handle: 155 mm
Weight (suction system included): 2.2 kg
Equipment: delivered in PVC box, with side handle and suction system
This information was first published on System D magazine in 2004: products and prices may have changed since then.

Getting started: used with its accessory, the drill easily finds its points of support against the drilling surface (wall, ceiling). The bi-material handle is nice and offers a good "grip".

Use: suitable for most building materials thanks to its percussion function; drilling capacity Ø 1,5 to 16 mm in concrete, Ø 1,5 to 12 in steel, Ø 1,5 to 30 mm in wood. In concrete and stone, the maximum diameter with suction is limited to 13 mm. To maintain a good dust extraction capacity, you must clean the micro-filter every 15 or 20 holes (every 8 or 10 in the aerated concrete).

Noise level: with 100 dB (A) (manufacturer's data), the noise is very quickly deafening in percussion drilling. Protect your eardrums with ear buds.

Notice: fairly detailed

2 years warranty


  • Highly effective micro-filter system, which eliminates the need for a connection to a shop vacuum.
  • Good ergonomics.
  • Electronic allowing a progressive priming of the holes and a maintenance of the power in the effort, whatever the hardness of the material.
  • The depth stop placed on one of the slides of the suction system.


  • Need to properly wedge the suction plate at the beginning of drilling, the time to prime the hole.
  • Slight backlash of the suction system, which forces to "aim" to place the drill in the center of the piercing light.


In classic use, with the side handle, honorable abilities in steel, wood or even, in percussion mode, in building materials outside the house. Inside, with the micro-filter system, you can use the drill without fear of dirtying around the work area. The very progressive trigger facilitates the initiation of drilling in the tiles. The chuck, combined with the automatic shaft lock, simplifies drill change. Conclusion: a drill fulfilling its function, and a new concept (also developed at Skil) that avoids spending as much time cleaning the ground as drill holes!

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Video Instruction: The Bosch PSB 1000 RCA Impact Drill