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I wish to open a window in an old barn. This one will be at about 5m from the ground. Can I fix 3 props between them to support the opening, otherwise how can I make the fact that there is a great height.

The operation you are considering is structural work and must be surrounded by a lot of caution because it can compromise the strength of your construction. Its feasibility depends on many factors: nature of the masonry and load above the window, especially depending on the width of the projected opening. You can, as you expect, use several props, first releasing their hold, then building support for the future lintel. You will then clear the masonry under that support. You will need to place a lintel (prefabricated reinforced concrete beam or lintel) or pour one of reinforced concrete. Unless you are an expert in construction, this operation is rather to be entrusted to a professional mason. in any case, we should at least ask him for advice...

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