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Drill the wood

The drilling of wood is one of the basic techniques of carpentry. Beyond the classic helical wood wick, there is a wide range of drills to make holes of any diameter up to forty millimeters in diameter. If the chignole or the crankshaft have finally disappeared from the shelves of do-it-yourself superstores, the electric drill has become the essential machine for this kind of work.

The drilling of the wood varies essentially according to the essence of it. The denser and heavier the wood, the less likely it is to crack at the piercing. The realization of a pilot hole with the hand twist is anyway the best guarantees to avoid this kind of inconvenience. If freehand drilling is possible, nothing can replace the accuracy of a vertical column stand. It is regrettable that today few drills easily adapt to this kind of accessory, because of the shape of their carcass.

Drill the wood

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Drill the wood: holes

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