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What's more annoying than the floc, steady and heady floc of a dripping faucet? Not to mention the waste of water that is lost.
Most of the time it is a seal that has shrunk in use and no longer works. Depending on the model, the joint (s) are more or less easy to replace. Explanations.

Drop valve, causes and solutions

Drop valve, causes and solutions

Replace beaker seals

To replace the joints of a mixer tap with curved spout found above the sinks, there are two places to check.
Start with spout filter.

Just unscrew the tip and check the condition of the seal and that of the grid. This can be scaled. To repair the leak, change the seal making sure to choose the same size and pass the white vinegar filter grid with a toothbrush. If you see that the grid is really too damaged, change the whole device (Around € 5)

To know. If once the seal is changed, the faucet still dries, do not panic. We have to wait a little, the time that the seal expands and fully plays its role of buffer.

The joints to be changed can also be located at the tap body. The heads must first be cleared either by strong traction or by removing the red pellet then the blue with a knife.

After, just unscrew the head of the faucet with pliers and replace the seals. Take the opportunity to descale this piece with lemon or white vinegar. Attention, for this manipulation, it is necessary to have closed the arrival of water.

It can also happen that the tap heads are not completely waterproof. You have to line the inside with teflon tape to give them a second life.

Changing the cartridge of a mixing valve

Mixing taps have a single rod or handle. They are found most often in bathrooms, to power a sink. They have no joints and leak less often than a conventional mixer. They work with a ceramic head enclosed in a cartridge, to replace when the mixers start to drip.

Here's how to proceed. First, turn off the water at the main shut-off valve. Then remove the rod or control lever that gives access to the trim cover. Once this cover is removed, the nut is released. It must be unscrewed to release the old and insert the new cartridge. To reassemble the faucet, simply make the reverse maneuvers.

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