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I have a rammed wall in a room that oozes and takes off the paper. I would like to double it. I think of Placo on rail, leaving a vacuum behind. What do you think? Give me some advice because you have to do it again before winter. There is just ventilation above the double glazed window. The floor is floating parquet.

I do not recommend the inner lining of rammed earth walls, because they must absolutely "breathe": doubling them would only hide the problem and worsen the situation. The first thing is to identify the origin of the evil, presumably a lack of ventilation for you, due to the installation of double glazed PVC windows. Install a VMC or increase the ventilation in one way or another. You can also clean this type of wall with wall dryers type FILTREX. A lime plaster is preferable to wallpaper on this type of wall.

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