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Simple drive: connection diagram

A dimmer allows, as the name suggests, to vary the light intensity of the lighting. It is therefore a kind of dimmer switch. The Legrand light dimmer in the Céliane range includes a single-touch button + or - on which you can operate to obtain the desired intensity. The latest models are compatible with LED lamps. A factory setting of intensity levels can be changed and memorized easily.

In replacement of a switch

The dimmer can simply replace a conventional toggle switch. The wiring diagram is then extremely simple, the cut naturally occurring on the phase which can be connected indifferently to the terminal 1 or 2.

Other dimmers

There are also dimmers allowing the connection of several light points, as well as inverters (variation of luminous intensity can however only be done from a single drive.

Diagram of the dimmer

Diagram of the dimmer

Diagram of the dimmer

(photos / visuals: © Legrand, except special mention)

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