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On a cold wall of brick and plaster, I wanted to isolate with a plasterboard + poly {10-20} glued to the Map. The plate was peeled off and a halo occurred on each mark of studs with mold. Could you explain to me the reason and give me a solution to isolate this wall. In advance, thank you, Christian, A faithful of your Saturday shows. Olivier.

Several tracks are to study
It is possible that this wall is naturally "producer" of moisture, either because of a too porous facade or capillary rise. Placing a bonded doubling prevents moisture from escaping, which explains the detachment of the doubling and the formation of mold.
Another possible explanation: the introduction of the doubling has moved the "dew point" inside the wall, forming condensation that can not escape, for the same reasons as previously.
• If the presence of capillaries is known, they must be treated by injection of resins at the bottom of the wall
• If the facade is porous, a waterproofing treatment must be applied.
In all cases, it seems prudent to replace the bonded doubling by a metal frame lining, without contact with the support wall, by providing an air gap between the insulation and the wall.
Finally, to promote air circulation, can be installed in addition to ventilation grids at the top and bottom of the drywall.

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