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Administrative procedures, choice of basin, location, distances to respect... everything is planned for the installation of the pool. All that remains is to go to work and plan the earthworks. This is an essential step that will condition the viability of your pool.

Earthworks for the construction of an inground pool

Earthworks for the construction of an inground pool

The step of terracing a pool

The earthworks for the construction of an in-ground pool correspond to the foundations of the basin. In summary, we must take the necessary measures, make tracing and dig a hole. The demolition work allow the pool to have a seat, stability and ensure its durability. Appropriate machines and tools are needed, so inexperienced do-it-yourselfers abstain, better to call on a professional swimming pool or at a earthworks company. Equipment, calculations, construction rules and technical protocols require precise knowledge and experience.

The excavation is often a little larger than the size of the pool. It is widely planned to install the connections, the pipes and the drainage system. A margin is also necessary to take into account the thickness of the walls of the basin.

Earthworks: the criteria to be taken into account

First of all, the quality of the terrain is very important. It must be stable to avoid future cracks on the pool. A sandy soil, stony, clay or difficult to work will require special treatment. The conditions of access are also essential because they can hinder the smooth running of the works. It is necessary that construction machinery can access and that entrepreneurs can evacuate the land. Weather conditions also come into play, as rain can cause landslide.

Plots are made throughout the works. After taking the measurements and establishing the zero point, margins are expected. Thus, we add 40 cm or even 50 cm deep for concrete pools. For the shell pools, 10 cm to 30 cm are sufficient. On the other hand, for unstable soils, at least 1 meter more is expected. This allows for a margin for consolidation with an embankment.

The evacuation of the earth: a point not to neglect

Terracing is also the evacuation of all the earth that has been stirred up. It will take three times more space than when it was packed. It is possible to get rid of it cheaply by placing an advertisement. If there are farmers in the area, they will probably be very interested. Same thing, if you have a neighbor who wants to level his land.

If no one is interested, it will be necessary to evacuate the land by dump to the dump. By going through a professional, the question does not arise. It is he who supports this part of the work.

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