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To improve the energy performance of his house, we use professionals. But how do we make sure that, in the end, we will actually save energy, and that our home will be truly more environmentally friendly? By calling on qualified professionals!

Qualified professionals for quality work

In terms of eco-renovation, the qualification that is authentic is the qualification RGE, or "Recognized Guarantor of the Environment".

This qualification concerns craftsmen and building companies whose skills have been recognized:

  • in energy efficiency works (roof, wall, floor insulation, window replacement, replacement of heating and ventilation systems...)
  • in the installation of renewable energies (heat pump and geothermal drilling works, photovoltaic panels, wood boiler...)
  • or in both: global renovation

How can a company become RGE?

To obtain the famous mention RGE, the company must make an approach to organizations that issue such certifications. Depending on the quality it wants to highlight (depending on its activity), the company can call upon, among others, to:

  • QUALIBAT for all that is in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energies
  • QUALIFELEC who can award a "solar photovoltaic"
  • CEQUAMI, the origin of the mention "NF environment"

The result is the creation of a file that will evaluate the total cost for the company, which will have to follow training imposed by the organization to which it has applied.

The certification is issued for 4 years. And every year, the organization will verify through a file that the company is doing well on all levels (technical and human capital); if after 4 years everything went well, the company can be renewed.

Why want to become a professional RGE?

An approach that is certainly not easy, but... once the distinction obtained, the company is listed in the directory of professionals RGE created by the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, as well as the Ministry of Housing and ADEME.

A real spotlight, because if we go to the site // looking for a professional for our eco-renovation work, the site leads us automatically to a qualified RGE. Same if you go to a single window of energy renovation: once the file is created, advisors give us the list of EGR professionals close to home.

And for potential customers, this qualification is also highly sought after: it not only reassures them, because by choosing a competent professional in the eco-renovation, they are sure that the work will be carried out, and to save money. energy while reducing their CO2 emissions.
But in addition, certain financial aid is available only if an EGR professional has been used to carry out the eco-renovation work... this is eco-conditionality!

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