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You will learn in this article why the rainwater collector is an asset for the garden and the house.

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Water is a resource today that needs attention on Earth. Fortunately, there are solutions to save water at home. Thanks to a rainwater recuperator, you will open less the tap!

To preserve the environment but also to save money, installing a water recuperator is a good solution. With a tank installed in the garden, under the gutters, you will be able to use the rain to meet your needs for non-drinking water. Because for the garden or toilets, water does not need to be drinkable. You will find in this article our advice to install a tank at home.

Why recover rainwater?

Whether it's for your toilets, doing your laundry or watering your plants, you do not need drinking water. The rainwater is soft and will be ideal! The planet will thank you but your wallet too. When you know that operating the washing machine uses 120 liters of water or that it takes 17 liters / m² to water the garden, we quickly imagine the savings. However, it is necessary to learn about some aspects before investing in a water recuperator. Does your roof allow it? (slope, nature, surface...) Do you have room for this installation? These questions are essential to not go wrong on the model to choose and its location.

How to recover rainwater?

The installation work of a rainwater tank has a cost to purchase as the implementation, but it is a real investment for the future. In addition, the implementation of this system is simple and fast. You have the choice between two types of tanks: underground or above ground. The advantage of an above ground tank is that maintenance is more convenient but it is more visible and takes up more space. A buried tank, meanwhile, will not spoil the aesthetics of your home but will be harder to clean. It is also important to protect the gutter that will collect rainwater: without cover, you may find dead leaves and insects in your tank.

Accessories to improve your water recuperator

There are many accessories that will facilitate the maintenance and use of your rainwater collector. To check the amount of water in your tank, install an indicator, you know your reserves! It is advisable to install nets on your gutters and a lid on your tank: this will prevent the proliferation of algae and fungi due to air and impurities.

The rainwater collector is an asset for a home always more ecological and economical!

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