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Providing a welcome shade in the summer, the pergolas turn the terraces into a real room. And if the trend is to metal structures, still to choose between aluminum, iron or steel?

Choose your metal pergola

Pergola: prior declaration or building permit?

Since the pergola constitutes a permanent annex, which does not exceed 12 m in height and 5 m² of floor area and footprint *, no authorization is required. Beyond that, you will have to file a preliminary declaration, or even a building permit, in particular for a surface superior to 20 m2 or an establishment in protected area or in protected sector. The installation of a wall-mounted pergola modifies the external appearance of a house and must therefore be the subject of a preliminary declaration of work. In addition, each municipality has its own local urban plan (PLU), so it is strongly recommended to get closer to the town hall to know the rules in force before choosing his pergola model.

* Vertical projection of construction volumes, all overhangs carried by columns included

A wide range of covers and options

Elegant and practical, less rustic than a wooden model, the metal pergola now accounts for nearly 70% of sales *. Depending on the model, the structure is custom-made or kit, delivered ready to assemble. It can also be partially equipped with blinds or windows, to protect from the wind or to offer a screening.
* Source Castorama and Leroy Merlin

A pergola generally offers a greater protection surface than a banister awning.
The models in kit are most often equipped with a cover in canvas, blades, polycarbonate panels or in canisses. Depending on its nature, this cover can be installed fixed or mobile to control the sun's rays according to the hours of the day.
Models with polycarbonate panels treated against UV are particularly resistant. They protect against rain, do not fear hail and can support up to 150 kg / m², which corresponds to 30 cm of snow.
If a sheet also protects from showers, it is recommended to store it in the dry as winter approaches, after cleaning with soap and water.
It is necessary to count between 300 and 2 500 € for a pergola in kit. Some models include interesting options and more or less expensive. There are for example extensions that extend the length of the pergola. To do this, add one or more poles and add additional coverage. There are also curtains or roller blinds or side panels.

Adapted cover

To choose a canvas, the material is more decisive than its grammage. Economical, polyester is less resistant to sunlight than acrylic that reduces solar radiation and its reflection on the ground. Hue is also a factor that should not be overlooked. The clearer it is, the more brightness it brings. Conversely, a dark canvas offers better protection against UV but darkens the space. Against the rain, choose fabrics treated with a waterproofing agent that makes the fabric water-repellent.
The covers in blinds or blades have the advantage of being adjustable and offer shade while allowing a breath of air. Translucent polycarbonate panels let in light and heat. Some manufacturers offer optional removable fabrics to add on the cover to protect from the sun. The major disadvantage of this coating is its tendency to resonate in the rain or hail.

Smart pergolas

pergola with adjustable blades

Some pergolas have adjustable blades that manage light inputs and air circulation.
The motorized cover associated with a solar collector constantly modifies the orientation of the blades according to the sun's course.
Other models have rain sensors. The slats close as soon as the first drops and a rainwater recovery system evacuates the water.

Do not neglect anchoring

Assembling a kit model is quite easy thanks to the manufacturer's instructions. Mount a pergola is easier with two and the time of installation does not exceed two days. Fixing can be more delicate. Thus wall anchors require to use a suitable fixation depending on the nature of the walls.
The sealing of the posts on the ground must take into account the covering of the terrace (tiles, stone, wood, turf). The foundation of concrete pads previously poured in the ground is necessary in a windy area. If in doubt about the implementation, it is better to call a professional. The tax services have just positioned themselves by stating that any pergola installed by a professional is subject to a VAT rate of 20%. Whether it's a creation or a replacement.

Congestion on the ground

Do not hesitate to consult the assembly instructions before choosing a model. The footprint does not necessarily correspond to the footprint of the roof. The latter may be more important, some models with coverage in broad overhang or poles deported inward. Be careful, the size of the cover (more or less 5 m2) determines the need for a work permit application (or building permit).

Which material to choose for its pergola?

• Screws. If you opt for a kit structure, you must be very careful when assembling. Use only hardware supplied by the manufacturer. To prevent the hardware from rusting, it must be either galvanized or stainless steel (A2 stainless or A4 stainless steel beachfront).
• Wrought iron, a material traditionally used, offers a very thin structure and a wide variety of aspects. These models have a long service life, provided the material is treated against corrosion once a year. Applying a protective layer may require disassembly of elements to treat hard-to-reach areas.
• Steelmore economical than wrought iron or aluminum, has the advantage of being easy to assemble oneself. The structure consists of standard industrial profiles, thicker than wrought iron. They are ideal for making simple shapes. As long as you have mastered arc welding, a good handyman can build or modify a steel pergola himself. Also sensitive to rust, this material maintains itself as wrought iron. As soon as corrosion appears, it is advisable to intervene quickly: polish the area, grease it and then repaint it.
• Aluminum, very light, facilitates the assembly and transport of machined structures. Generally of a contemporary and purified aspect, the thermo-lacquered finishes offer a great variety of colors. Aluminum requires regular cleaning with clean water because, if it does not rust, it can oxidize. Anodizing (surface treatment to prevent oxidation) is resistant to UV but wears gradually by contact and friction. To repaint an aluminum pergola, it must be completely dismantled, which requires professional tools.

Eight metal pergolas from 300 € to 2600 €

  • From 300 € to 500 €

Eight metal pergolas in kit from 300 €: cover

  • From 600 € to 1000 €

Eight metal pergolas in kit from 300 €: metal

  • More than 1000 €

Eight metal pergolas in kit from 300 €: cover

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Lacquered steel 300 € *

lacquered steel pergola

- Surface area: P 2.95 x W 2.95 m
- Constant height of 2.28 m
- Fixation: wall and floor
- Epoxy paint, anthracite gray color
- White polyester fixed canvas cover 260 g / m2
- Warranty: 1 year
Clipperton, Castorama
The +: the water-repellent treated canvas and the fixing kit provided

Lacquered wrought iron 316 € *

lacquered wrought iron pergola

- Area: P 3.00 x W 4.00 m
- Ridge height from 2.65 to 2.80 m and low point to 2.20 m
- Fixation: wall and floor
- Epoxy paint, chocolate color
- Canvas blanket light beige polyester 200 g / m2
- Options: extension of structure, curtains, polyester fabric 350 g / m2roll awning
- Warranty: 1 year Provence, Oogarden
The +: height of ridge adaptable on 15 cm

Lacquered galva steel 469 € *

lacquered galva steel pergola

- Area: P 4.00 x W 4.00 m
- Ridge height from 2.50 to 2.75 m and low point to 2.30 m
- Fixing: mural -Rust colored epoxy paint
- Optional cover: fixed linen beige polyurethane 230 g / m2
- Options: extension of structure, fixed canvas for extension
- 2 years warranty
+: Evacuation vent at the top of canvas

Lacquered steel 629 € *

Pergola in lacquered steel

- Area: P 3.50 x W 4.00 m
- Height at ridge between 2.65 and 2.80 m and low point at 2.20 m
- Wall fixation
- Light gray epoxy paint
- beige textilene linen canvas cover
- Options: frame extension, swiveling blade kit, roll awning, polyester fabric 350 g / m2
- Warranty: 1 year Phoenix, Mr DIY
The +: adjustable in height and depth

Lacquered galva steel 819 € *

lacquered galva steel pergola

- Area: P 3.50 x W 4.00 m
- Ridge height at 2.65 m and low point at 2.20 m
- Wall fixation
- Dark gray epoxy paint
- Roller blind cover, unbleached acrylic fabric 250 g / m2
- Options: structure extension, fixed cover fabric, adjustable slats kit
- Warranty: 1 year
The +: many options available

Lacquered aluminum 899 € *

Lacquered aluminum pergola

- Area: P 4.00 x W 4.00 m
- Height at ridge 2.80 m and low point at 2.40 m
- Fixation: wall and floor
- Gray epoxy paint
- Optional cover: blinds or blades
- Warranty: 1 year
Boston Luxury, Leroy Merlin
The +: the crank, optional, which allows to vary the inclination of the blades

Lacquered aluminum 1 889 € *

Lacquered aluminum pergola

- Area: P 2.95 x W 5.46 m
- Ridge height from 2.60 to 3.05 m and low point to 2.10 m
- Fixation: wall and floor
- Gray or white lacquered color
- Gray multilayer polycarbonate panel cover (8 mm thick)
- Options: side panel, pergola twinning connector
- Warranty: 10 years
The +: integrated gutter and anchor kit included

Lacquered alu 2,599 € *

Lacquered aluminum pergola

- Area: P 2.71 x W 3.07 m -
- Ridge height from 2.50 to 2.66 m and low point to 2.10 m
- Fixation: wall and floor
- Lacquered paint (200 colors)
- Polycarbonate panel cover transparent UV-resistant (16 mm thick)
- Options: curtain set, shading kit, aluminum side walls
- Warranty: 10 years (roof) and 20 years (structure)
Inca, Lapeyre
The +: 16 standard dimensions and made to measure

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