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Electric radiator with heat transfer fluid

The electric radiator heat transfer fluid diffuses a warm, enveloping and healthy heat to the whole room thanks to the inertia of the fluid. It requires little maintenance.

The electric radiator with thermal fluid, type Bilbao, exists in 5 horizontal versions, from 750 to 2000 W.

  • By connecting the pilot wire to the programmer, you can create a program of Comfort and Eco temperature periods.
  • If you have a programming unit, you can also program the Frost protection and Shutdown periods.
  • It is possible to connect to a programmer, several devices and thus achieve energy savings.

Technical characteristics of heat transfer radiators

This radiator is equipped with a multitarget digital electronic thermostat with pilot wire 6 orders.
The thermostat is compatible with programming systems (pilot wire or power line).
The heating body consists of tubes in which circulates a heat-transfer liquid (a high-performance unalterable mineral oil).
The radiator is equipped with an ergonomic control unit, very discreet and at the height of the hands. It is also programmable by Pass Program.
Benefiting from the ASP system, it is free of any risk of soiling.
It is presented in white color.
The unit has a two-year warranty.

Schematic diagram of the electric radiator with thermal fluid Bilbao

Schematic diagram of the electric radiator with thermal fluid Bilbao

  1. Aluminum elements
  2. Immersion heater over the entire width of the product
  3. Pass Program Programming Receiver
  4. Thermofluid: high performance mineral oil
  5. Digital regulation

  • The control box
    • Setpoint adjustment knobs plus Comfort graduated from 2 to 8
    • Adjustment knobs for the Eco setpoint by lowering the setpoint Comfort
    • Cursor of choice of 5 positions:
      - Stop
      - Frost-free
      - Program
      - Comfort
      - Eco
    • Locking device
    • Indicator lights for Comfort and Eco modes
  • The advantages of the product
    • Class apparatus II IP 24 CAT.C
    • Label Promotelec
    • Label Vivrelec
    • Pass Program
    • Anti-Soiling Process ASP
    • Horizontal and vertical versions
    • Digital regulation

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