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I just bought a TEOS 2 electronic convector. It has 3 wires: neutral blue; brown phase and black pilot. I would like to plug this radiator into my caravan without the pilot wire, my problem is that there is no ground wire on this convector. How to do?

The TEOS 2 convector is a class II appliance with double insulation (two small squares embedded on the label) which, therefore, does not connect to the earth.

If your device is to be used in non-pilot mode as it seems to be your case, your pilot wire (black) will not be connected because it is useless.

Attention never connect the pilot wire of the device to the ground wire (two-colored green and yellow) of the line. You will only connect to the domino phase wire and neutral (brown and blue).

A sheet on our site is dedicated to the CONNECTION OF A RADIATOR WITH FLUID CALOPORATOR, do not hesitate to consult it.

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