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The electric stove can be compared to an electric heater whose coating mimics that of the wood stove. It reproduces very convincingly the particular atmosphere of the wood fire, while overcoming its disadvantages. This small auxiliary heater has great advantages.

Electric stove, how does it work?

The electric stove is approaching the operation of an electric convector. Like him, he is powered by electricity and he just needs to be plugged into a wall outlet to work.

This stove emits no smoke. It is therefore naturally exempt from evacuation pipe. His installation is very simple and fast, which makes him a very mobile heater.

He can be equipped with comfort accessories (remote control or thermostat) to adjust its temperature remotely.

In addition, with LED bulbs, the electric stove visually reproduces the effect of the chimney fire. An option that can be used outside the heating function.

The electric stove and its many advantages

The electric stove is above all remarkable for its aesthetics. It has modernized thanks to the use of steel, enamel and cast iron in its coating. This stove is available in many styles, for designs ranging from classic to contemporary.

In addition, this stove is one of the least restrictive:

  • As seen previously, the electric stove is very simple installation and convenient to use
  • Some models of electric stove are Portable, for more mobility
  • Apparatus compactit is compact and fits everywhere. There is even an angle version for very small parts

The few disadvantages of the electric stove

Obviously, the performance of an electric stove is much lower than that of a wood stove. This type of stove has a heating power of 1 to 2 kw.

It is closer to the radiator, with the particularity of being very design. It is mainly used as inter-season heating or auxiliary heating, for a room measuring between 10 and 25m2.

Although very cheap (from 100 euros), its price varies according to its accessories. But above all, it does not allow to benefit from a tax credit, only granted to high-efficiency ecological stoves.

Video Instruction: How To Use An Electric Stove (Full Tutorial)