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Electrical diagnosis is now mandatory if you want to sell an individual property of more than fifteen years. It must be performed by a certified professional and certified by COFRAC (French Accreditation Committee). The price of the diagnosis is the responsibility of the seller.

How is an electrical diagnosis calculated?

The tariff of the electrical diagnosis is established, in general, according to the surface of the housing, the number of parts which compose it and thus of the time spent by the technician. It also depends on the location of the property. Indeed, the cost diagnosis is usually lower in big cities.

For an apartment composed of a single room, count around 95 euros, 90 euros in Paris. If it is a detached house, it will cost 115 euros (110 euros in Paris).

Outside Paris, a two-room apartment will require an investment of approximately 105 euros, for a house count 15 euros more.

Here is a table estimating tariffs, we can consider that a diagnosis whose price would be close to these prices will be well executed. However, it does not mention the duration of the intervention. The majority of diagnosers are based on the time spent in your home.

Main rooms123456

It is advisable to use the same provider to make all your diagnoses (electricity, real estate, plumbing, technical). Indeed, by doing so, you will necessarily save on fixed expenses such as travel expenses and file. The overall bill can then be reduced by up to 35%.

Electrical diagnosis: watch out for scams

Beware of unbeatable and significantly lower prices that you could find, especially on the internet. Some professionals offer prices well below those mentioned, to the detriment of the safety of people. This can be a scam sign. In order to make sure that you are calling on a specialist, check that he / she has an accreditation issued by COFRAC. Do not hesitate to inform yourself about the tariffs of the electricians before signing a quotation works.

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