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Our house is not new. The spinning coming out of my ceiling, has 1 black wire, a red, a white and a grounding. I installed a new lamp (ceiling lamp) and it has, 1 black wire, a white, that I connected the lamp to the ceiling, and my ground wire I put it after the box on the ceiling, AND THE RED I put a sheath on, because I do not see where it could be installed. The lamp does not work as it should be! Can you help me?

Old electrical installations often present this type of fantasy on colors. Know that, normally, the blue wire is that of the neutral, brown that of the phase, controlled by a switch. The yellow, green or green-yellow wire is the ground wire, which is to be connected to the shell of the chandelier only if it is conductive (metal). The connection pad is generally indicated on the luminaires by the corresponding symbol (three parallel lines forming a triangle).

For a correct power supply of your lighting, you have to identify phase and neutral with a universal controller. The presence of three "active" conductors may correspond to the connection of a dual-ignition chandelier (in this case you have a two-button toggle switch, except of course if it has been replaced by a single switch.).

Do not start electrical work unless you have a minimum of knowledge in the field. If this is not the case, it may be wiser to call on an electrician.

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