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Electrical installation under PVC stick

The PVC strips and skirting boards facilitate the installation of an apparent but discreet electrical installation, in compliance with the requirements of the NF-C 15 100 standard, that is to say in complete safety. The width and the internal volume of the cells may vary depending on the installation to be performed. Some of these rods are provided to facilitate the adaptation of devices such as sockets and switches.

PVC chopsticks and skirting boards can be sawed and cut easily with a minimum of tools: saws or hacksaws, pliers and cutters. Special fasteners allow the conductors to be held in the cells. Attention: the cover of the chopsticks must always be freely accessible for early intervention in case of malfunction! So you can paint them, but do not line them, and you should never put them behind a doubling.

Electrical installation under PVC stick

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