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The presence detector is a switch with an infrared detector. At the slightest movement in a radius of 3 to 10 m, it turns on the lighting it commands for the duration of your choice. Use it to control the lighting of a corridor, entrance, storeroom or toilet.

Installation of a presence detector

This model can be connected instead of a switch because it is mounted on the same housing flush.
Avoid this type of equipment if you have pets.

Connect a presence detector

Connection of a presence detector

  • Connect the detector equipment by fixing the phase from the panel to the L terminal and the lamp return to the terminal labeled ~ (alternating current).

Attaching the housing of a presence detector

  • Fasten the switchgear to the flush-mounting box using the screws.
  • Before locking the screws, check that the appliance is level.

Set a presence detector

  • Above the detection cell, three knobs are used to set the delay time (from one second to sixteen minutes), the range (from 3 to 10 m) and the brightness threshold (from 3,000 to 1,000 lux).

Laying the cover of a presence detector

  • Place the cover and then the hubcap.
  • Push hard until it is perfectly bare of the wall.

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