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Whether installing a recessed ceiling spotlight or connecting a suspension to a DCL box, System D guides you step by step in your electrical work.

Put light on the ceiling

Installation of a recessed spot

  • Drill the ceiling with a hole saw (or hole saw) of the desired diameter: usually 65 mm for a DCL recess box ("Connecting Device for Luminaire") and 68 mm for a recessed spot.
  • Recover cables running in the false ceiling.

Connection of a spot

  • Strip the wires from the electrical panel.
  • Connect these to the junction box of the spot.

Mounting the junction box of a spot

  • Mount the junction box on the spot.
  • It is placed at the top of the metal bracket which keeps it away from the heat source when the assembly is embedded in the false ceiling.

Engaging a spot in a false ceiling

  • Snap the spot into the false ceiling by pushing the mounting brackets that spring above the ceiling plasterboard.


  • Insert the lamp into the socket (here a model without transformer connected to 230 V).

Spot fixing ring

  • Hold the bulb in place with the fixing ring.

Connect a suspension on a DCL box

Connect a lamp with its DCL housing

  • Strip the wires running in the false ceiling and connect them to the socket of the hood, respecting the colors.
  • No need for tools, the plug is equipped with automatic locking pliers!

* DCL: Luminaire Connection Device

Closing the DCL box of a ceiling lamp

  • Put in place the closing cap of the case (usually in two parts)

Installation of the hanger fixing the hanger

  • Screw the fixing hook which will hold the hanger.

Connecting the DCL to the cable of a luminaire

  • Connect a DCL plug to the luminaire cable.

Hanging a ceiling light

  • Plug the plug into the housing and hang the luminaire by its hook power cable.

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