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The heat pump is one of the most environmentally friendly and economical heating systems on the market because it draws much of its energy from natural resources. However, she needs a little electricity to work. Its power consumption will be different depending on the conditions of use but also depending on the model you choose.

Different power consumption depending on the conditions of use

The heat pump draws most of the energy required for its operation in natural resources, making it a very environmentally friendly heating system. However, she needs a little electricity to power her engine. Even though its power consumption is very weakit still depends on certain factors and its conditions of use. The more your dwelling is isolated and the less the pump will consume. On the other hand, if the surface to be heated is large and the outside temperature is very low, the heat pump will need more electricity to operate and heat your interior.

How much electricity does a heat pump consume?

The heat pump is very popular because it has a high efficiency. Indeed, it needs less electricity than a conventional heating system to generate as much heat. It allows to save 60% about on your electric bill. Know that for 1kWh consumed, your house receives between 3 and 4 kWh. The need for electricity is different depending on the type of pump you choose. A geothermal heat pump draws 75% of the energy required for its operation in the earth, an air-water heat pump, 65% in air and a water-water heat pump 80% in water. As a rule, count between 25 and 40 euros per month of electricity to heat a house of 100 m².

How to choose an economical heat pump?

When buying a heat pump, it is important to choose well to maximize the return and achieve great savings over the long term. So be very attentive to coefficient of performance (COP). It indicates the ratio between the energy scattered and the electrical energy necessary for the operation of the heat pump. As an example, know that a COP of 3 means that your heat pump will consume 1kWh to spread 3 kWh in your interior. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a professional in the sector to be sure to make the best choice.

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