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To use cables and electrical wires, it is best to know the color code of the ducts indicating their functions, the meaning of electrical cable naming and the section table. explanations:

Electric wires

meaning of electric wire colors

The wires are protected by a sheath whose color indicates the function: blue for the neutral, two-color yellow / green for the earth and any other color (but mostly red) for the phase.
There are two types of threads: rigid (identified U) and semi-rigid made up of several strands (denoted R).
Their denomination makes it possible to recognize them.
Example: H 07 V-U. 1.5 means that the conductor is harmonized (H), that it is rated for a maximum voltage of 700 volts (07), that the insulation is PVC (V), that the conductor is rigid (U) and that section of 1.5 mm².

Electric cables

meaning of electrical cable naming

The cables are multiple conductors composed of several son of different colors together under an insulating envelope. Their denomination makes it possible to know their peculiarities.
Example: 3G1.5: means that the cable has three wires, including one ground wire (G for Ground = ground in English), 1.5 mm² each.

Table of sections

1.5mm²8 lighting points
8 ordered outlets
5 direct sockets 16A
Electric radiator <2,250 W
VMC, shutters
2.5 mm²8 direct sockets 16A
Specialized circuits (washing machine, oven, freezer...)
Non-instantaneous electric water heater
Electric radiator <4,500 W
6 mm²Cooker, hob

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