/ Electricity

    Transformer problem

    Trouble transfo I bought a transformer 220V 12V 150VA to connect the 4 spots 12v / 20W integrated to my kitchen furniture. Once the connection is complete nothing happens. With the help of a tester, I realize that I have only 6v out of the transformer ??? Where can my problem come from, HS transformer (knowing that I tried with another and same problem), HS tester, HS spot...?

      Electrical outlets per room

      Electrical outlets per room Could you give me the amount of electrical outlets required in one dwelling per room (bedroom, kitchen, dining room, etc.). The standard NF C 15-100 provides: - 5 comfort outlets in the minimum stay (and 1 per 4 m2); - 3 comfort sockets in the rooms; - 6 outlets in the kitchen including: 4 above the worktop + 1 cooking circuit + 1 dishwasher circuit; - 1 comfort socket in the bathroom; - 1 comfort grip in the entrance.

        Standalone electricity

        Autonomous electricity If I have an autonomous production of electricity (small wind turbine, photovoltaic panels, small turbine...) that fully supports my needs, do I necessarily have to connect to the electricity transmission network or do I have the possibility to live independently? You can "live independently", but you will not benefit from the indirect subsidy linked to the purchase / resale of electricity.

          Formula "work objectives"

          Formula "objectives work" Hello Christian, I currently have a very old electric heating system namely toaster, or battery (from 1975) I consumed 8 KW from January to April 2007 electricity. So I want to change this installation and look at what is happening on the market: electric heating (radiant, radiating, coolant, soft heat) or PAC Air / Air and I am completely lost because when we bring craftsmen for quotes, each sells us what he wants to sell... and everyone has his opinion on the matter.

            Solar panels and sanitary water

            Solar panels and domestic water I have to change my water heater. Can I replace electricity with a solar panel? Yes, you can fully power a storage water heater with solar panels. It should have an area of ​​3 to 5 m2 depending on the region. This installation will provide 50 to 70% of the energy for a cumulus of 200 liters for 4 people knowing that the average consumption of hot water is 50/60 liters per person per day.

              Wind turbine for private

              ÉOlienne pour particulier Is it possible to install a wind turbine around a house lost in the countryside? The power required by the wind turbine for a normal house is 2 to 5 kw. You need: • a mat, the machine, an inverter, a regulator, a battery and the wiring. • a building permit (town hall, DDE) if the mat exceeds 12m in height (many wind turbines operate with a mast of 12m); • it is preferable to have the neighbors' agreement (any discomfort by sight); • good exposure to the wind depending on the region and terrain The equipment and installation are subsidisable from 70 to 95% depending on the region, but EDF is not obliged to buy energy as for photovoltaic panels.

                Can we get internet and TV through the phone jacks?

                Can we get internet and TV through the phone jacks? I am building and as the norm requires me I put in place a communication box. I would like to know how to connect my livebox to be able to distribute Internet and the tv by internet on all taken rj45 of the house First of all, the best would be to question your service provider... Except that the Wifi passes badly in your house, I do not see the interest of using RJ45 sockets.