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So as not to dump on public roads, and even less in the rainy eyes that go straight to the river - as seen alas! Too often - the cleaning of tools after cement, plaster, tile adhesives and other watery products (Article R632-1 of the Penal Code) on the one hand, nor risk of blocking my pipes in the long run, not more than to clog the purification plants (it is we who pay) on the other hand, I let a few hours decant the cleaning bucket before pouring the clear water decanted to the sewage (WC ). But above all, I finish by transferring the more or less muddy residue into a low container, in which I soak wicks of spongy tissue (old bath towel) which pump the remainder liquid by capillary action and pour it into a small bowl collecting water. water pumped and thus purified. This in a corner of the garage. After one or two days, the solid residue is disposable as household rubble.

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