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While the days are getting longer, it's time to prepare your plants in the coming spring, while the vegetable garden is still resting a bit...

Spring size in the garden

The size in the spring

January in the garden

Sizes and plantings are the main works of spring.
As soon as the weather is mild enough for outdoor gardening to be pleasant and risk-free for plants, the big cleaning of the garden and vegetable garden should be undertaken, if it was not done in late autumn or at the end of autumn. early winter.
Bignones and wisteria, which grew a lot during the summer, now need a sizeable size to contain and direct them.
The same is true for raspberries and other shrubs with berries that appreciate thinning, essential to promote the production of beautiful fruits in the coming months.
These are operations that should not be too different, because it will soon also take care of rosebushes and shrubs with summer flowers that bloom further after being cut.
In winter, most deciduous trees and shrubs can be planted if the soil is not frozen. Enjoy a mild weather to continue or finish your planting, including bare root plants.
The vegetable activities are always limited.
Continue the soil preparation and try a first sowing protected of spring salads or peas. Not to mention the shallots, so delicious.

A vegetable garden adapted to his land

What work for which vegetable garden area

Up to 50 m2.
The simplest is to divide the plot in two with a 80 cm central aisle to allow the passage of a wheelbarrow. Divide these two spaces into 1.20 m wide planks, separated by 40 cm foot rails.
Between 51 and 150 m2. A central aisle of 80 cm and two perpendiculars will allow access to the center of the squares. The widths of the boards and footpegs remain the same. Install the brackets for a garden hose.
Beyond 150 m2. It is possible to structure a large garden as a field. The parcel is then divided in the center, then surrounded by a wide aisle facilitating the movement and the maneuvers of a tiller or a tractor, etc. Inside, the board and foot board division does not change.

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