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LPG is an alternative for anyone who is not connected to the grid but who wants the benefits of gas heating in terms of flexibility and comfort.

Heat with LPG

When you can not equip yourself with gas, you have to get closer to a distributor who will install one of his tanks (he will remain the owner) and deliver his fuel. On your side, you will have to carry out the interior installations and have them checked before any connection (power supply, evacuation and security systems).

Characteristics of propane gas

Hot waterYes
Connection to a networkNo
Need additionalNo
Cost of installation

Energy: propane gas heating in tanks: heating

Cost of operation and maintenance

Energy: propane gas heating in tanks: energy

Tax credit *15 \%

(* on condensing boilers if your home is over 2 years old)

LPG storage

Propane gas is a flammable and dangerous product, the greatest vigilance is required.
The tank must therefore be installed according to precise rules. Before using a distributor, make sure that the configuration of your garden allows this type of installation. Distance D shall be 3 m for tanks less than 3.5 tonnes and 1.50 m for underground tanks.

Energy: propane gas heating in tanks: propane

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