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Milling machine, saw, angle sander... this manufacturer offers 17 cordless tools, delivered without batteries, and a charger with one or two batteries of 18 volts, which adapt to these machines.

Energy Pack


Reference: ONE + "Energy" pack: 2 batteries + 1h fast charger
Drums: 18 volts - 1.7 Ah
Price found: 79,90 euros
Machines tested:

  • Percussion drill driver (CMI 1802 M): 99.90 euros, info: 13 mm chuck.
  • Corner sander (CCC-1801 M), 39,90 euros, infos: 140 x 100 mm pad, orbital ø 1,8 mm
  • Pendulum jigsaw (CJSP-1801QEOM), 79,90 euros, infos: 400 mm max wood cutting
  • Stapler / Nailer (CNS-1801M), 99.90 euros, infos: 40 cps / min, nails from 19 to 32 mm, staples from 6 to 14 mm.
  • Cartridge gun (CCG-1801M), 69.90 euros, performance: infinitely variable flow rate.
  • Material cutting machine (CSS-1801M), 69.90 euros, infos: drill bits of 6.35 mm and 3.2 mm.
  • Circular saw (CCS-1801 / LM), 89.90 euros, info: 45 mm cutting depth at 0° and 32 mm at 45°.

Manufacturer data

The tools

Getting started

For once, this is not one but seven machines that we tested for you, to see if the 18-volt batteries allow the same efficiency for jobs as different as drilling, sanding or sawing. For all the tools, a dragon is clicked on the tool, at the location of the battery. Once the work is done, you can remove the battery, replace the dragone and take advantage of its carrying system to hang the tool on a wall of the workshop. On the fringe of the machines, fluorescent tube lighting (14.90 euros) quickly finds its place in the house.

  • The screwdriver drill is effective in concrete and can be used to screw lag bolts with a socket. Built-in bubble levels make it easy to position horizontally or vertically.
  • The sander Holds well in the hand, but the weight of the battery unbalance a little the machine backwards. For the roughing, however, it is necessary to "compensate" a little forward for the finishes
  • The jigsaw has a tool-less blade change (three positions of pendulum movement) and shows sufficient cutting capacity for routine work. Only the safety trigger system proves annoying to handle.
  • Thestapler-nailer is effective for everyday work: wall fabric installation or attic insulation. It can be blamed for its heavy weight (2.9 kg) and a staple depth too just for fixing new multilayer insulation.
  • The putty gun is justified only in the case of regular work. The flow control allows for regular cords, without the slightest effort, by simply pressing the trigger.
  • The milling material cutting is mainly used in the cutting of plasterboard. An accessory (delivered with) allows you to open circles precisely (eg passage of ventilation ducts). For recessed enclosures, a hole saw is more economical.
  • The circular saw is sufficient for routine work. Our many tests on a board of 40 mm thick show clear cuts, with few sawing marks. The laser liner helps with locating, but its high brightness sometimes prevents you from seeing the pencil line.


  • Thanks to the power of 18 volts, we have a range of efficient tools.
  • The circular saw shows a beautiful appetite and the 18 volts are enough to cut the boards of solid parquet.
  • The classic charger in 1 h (and two batteries) is suitable for the usual work.

The lessers

  • If the 18 volts provides power, the weight of the batteries weighs down the machines. A very acceptable overload for a drill, circular saw or jigsaw but a little disabling for the sander or stapler-nailer.

Our opinion

The panel of machines corresponds to the current needs of the handyman who can thus reduce his purchase budget. But this principle requires the consumer to remain faithful to the same manufacturer to renew his equipment.

Circular saw

Circular saw

Efficient and with a laser liner, this circular saw delivers enough power for cutting even paneling or parquet.



With its 1,8 kg and a grip, the sander with triangular pad (a little noisy) offers a good performance.

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