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The National Housing Agency works to improve the energy performance of the already existing private housing stock. Under conditions, Anah subsidizes various energy renovation works, to fight against the excessive energy expenditure of our homes.

Grants from ANAH, the conditions for obtaining

ANAH grants for the energy renovation of real estate are granted only under certain conditions:

  • The owners occupants or lessors of housing completed for at least 15 years can claim. However, demand can only be achieved after studying the household's resources. Tax revenues here must be below the level set by Anah:

Resource ceilings

Number of people in the tax household

Very modest household

Modest cleaning


14 225€

18 262€


20 833€

26 708€

Per additional person

4 222€


  • The co-owners' unions can also benefit if the renovation works are related to common parts and equipment.

Energy renovation works admissible by the ANAH

The works concerned by this grant must reach the minimum amount of 1500 € before tax (except for homeowners whose resources are considered "very modest").

In addition, these interventions must be implemented by building professionals.

List of energy renovation works eligible for a grant from ANAH:

  • Installation of new energy-efficient heating and water production systems
  • Installation of renewable energy production systems
  • Thermal insulation

Other work may be covered by this grant, as part of a fight against unworthy housing and against fuel poverty.

The amount of ANAH grants

The works that can be subsidized by the ANAH are capped at 50 000 € HT as part of the rehabilitation of an unworthy housing.

Whether modest or very modest, the household concerned has a subsidy rate of 50%.

Work to combat energy poverty is capped at € 20,000 excluding VAT.
The subsidy rate here is 50% for very modest households and 35% for low-income households.

To note: there is an additional bonus Help "Live Better". This can be seen when the energy gain, allowed by the renovation work, reaches at least 25%.

The information in this article is indicative.
Due to the permanent evolution of the legislation in force, we invite you to use this information with caution. Remember to get information from professional organizations and administrative services.

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