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Toggle switch integrated into the switchboard

The remote control is an evolution of the comings and goings. As seen in the diagram of the back and forth, it allows to light a lighting from several control points. But while the back and forth only allows two points, by toggle switches, the remote control allows this operation from an unlimited number of push button by simply plugging in respecting a electrical wiring diagram of the house. The installation must always be done in accordance with standard NF C 15-100.

The evolution of the comings and goings

The remote control operates with a relay that can be placed at the level of the installation itself or, as here, integrated in the distribution table (or subscriber table). This installation on the board allows to deport the characteristic clatter of the relay, unpleasant in a living room, for example near a room. It is therefore an electrical equipment of comfort.


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Modular remote control switch

The shape of the device itself is similar to that of all other accessories nowadays a switchboard (circuit breakers or differential switches, timer, surge arrester, etc.), namely a small rectangular housing that clipped on one of the table rails, on an available slot of it. The location will be chosen of course so as to reduce as much wiring as possible and to facilitate the arrival or departure of drivers. A cover on the panel cover will be removed to provide access to the unit from the outside.
Precautions for connectiont
As with any device on the switchboard, the modular remote switch is to be powered with section conductors related to the power demand of consumer devices, in this case light bulbs. It is therefore a lighting circuit, whose electrical wires will have a section of 1.5 or even 2.5 mm2. The installation with "combs" is possible but it is generally practiced by professional electricians. The enthusiast, in turn, generally sticks to solid-core conductors (that is to say to "solid" son and not cables), the color of insulating sheaths is standardized. Regarding the remote control switch, the neutral will obviously always be blue, the phase of any other color other than blue, yellow, green and yellow-green (colors reserved for the earth or protective conductor).
Like all circuits, that of the remote switch has upstream of a differential protection (besides the general circuit breaker after counter). This is a 30 mA AC differential switch at the front of the line. The light points are protected by a 10 or 16A division circuit breaker, the remote control itself being able to benefit from a protection of a 2A circuit breaker.
Connecting the remote control
The various models of the modular remote control switch are connected in a similar way, even if wiring variants may exist (see the device manual). As a general rule, the junction of the phase and the push-button return is at the top of the device, the neutral and the lamp return at the bottom of the device.

Push buttons

Unlike the back and forth, which uses toggle buttons, the remote control operates with pushbuttons, type bell or chime, with LED light or not. Their connection is simple since (in most cases) they have only two terminals, one for the phase (marked L or P) and the other for the return. The connection is made by screw terminals or by automatic connection (with or without screwdriver).

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