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I have my entire installation under Sanibroyeur in my studio (sink, sink, shower, toilet). Currently only my sink is blocked, the rest works very well. The engine does like a buzz sound after each use. I am told to disassemble to clean the engine... Can I do it alone without risk for my installation? Would using an unblocker suffice? Knowing that only my sink is clogged and that I have already disassembled and reassembled my siphon...

Know that chemical unblockers are to be absolutely prohibited with a sanibroyeur. If the problem does not come from the siphon it may be that a pipe is obstructed. This buzzing noise is characteristic of an engine that has trouble turning, which can lead to overheating and destruction of the device.

To disassemble the motor: turn off the power, open the housing to reach the engine and clean the propeller. You should find the object responsible... If the propeller is no longer running, it means that the engine is burned out and needs to be replaced.

You can download the leaflet from the SFA website.

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