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To gain a little space in a bathroom, there is of course the radical option to break the walls and encroach on the next room to make room. But it is not always necessary to undertake major works to make this room become more spacious. Just adopt some clever ideas and you're done...

Enlarge a bathroom

Enlarge a bathroom

Play with colors and cheat on space

The solution that seems most effective for enlarging a bathroom is to carry out work, including push the walls To win a few cm2. Nevertheless, we do not always have the possibility or the means (technical or financial) to undertake this process.

To give back a bathroom at once more spacious, more practical and comfortable, there are other options that consist of playing on colors or furniture. We can then opt for clear colors that enlarge the body of water or for furniture integrated in height, shelves and sliding doors, shelves with storage, a heated towel rail... In any case, it is necessary always take into account the different technical constraints, in this case the unavoidable elements in a bathroom (water supply, sanitary, electrical appliance...).

Choose equipment wisely

To save space and arrange a bathroom, care must be taken to choose the equipment.

The shower will then be preferred to the bathtub. If you really can not do without the bath, it is better to opt for a hoof model with a length not exceeding 1.20 m. Instead of a washbasin, we will turn instead to a basin. The cupboard will leave, for its part, its place with shelves with storage boxes, and precisely, in terms of storage, it is better to install furniture at half height or some hanging furniture.

In any case, do not forget to provide safety spaces in front of the shower or bath: for a comfortable circulation, it takes at least 55 centimeters. In front of the basin or sink, a space of at least 70 centimeters and 60 centimeters is needed in front of the toilet. As for electrical equipment (and plugs), it is better to install them as far as possible from each other.

Some ideas and tips...

For a bathroom to become visually more spacious, it is recommended to choose light colors (white, ivory, milky cream...). These colors can dress the whole room, from floor to ceiling. It remains possible to bring touches of color, especially in terms of bath accessories. Here, the best is to stay in soft shades, even pastel. When it comes to colors, skirting boards can be painted in the same tone as walls and can also be tiled.

In the register of tips for enlarging a bathroom, there is the establishment of a large mirror and the choice of a good lighting which illuminates the whole room.

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