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Extension to enlarge the house, it happens however that some verandas are too small and do not really constitute an additional living room, especially for older buildings. How to enlarge a veranda? What precautions to consider? DuitDesign advises you.

The steps to enlarge its veranda

As with the construction of the veranda, several elements must be taken into account in order to achieve the extension of a veranda.

First, the size of the future facility is important because it involves more or less lengthy administrative procedures, such as filing a declaration of work or obtaining a building permit, information from its center taxes or its insurer.

The extension of a veranda is then based on the realization of the plans of the future building. If they have to integrate solutions in terms of brightness, waterproofness and insulation of the building, they must also, if not above all, take into account different visual constraints to guarantee the appearance aesthetic and homogeneous of the entire construction, thus assuming to find the original materials.

Finally, it requires further study on security, for maintain the stability of the building and in particular to prevent the possible risks of collapse during the works.

Enlarge or rebuild a porch?

In some cases, the extension of a veranda presents too many constraints, for which there is not necessarily any satisfactory solution or the cost is too high, so it is more timely or essential to opt for a reconstruction of the building.

Indeed, according to the material of the frame on the one hand, the operation can be more or less complex, especially for steel verandas for example. On the other hand, according to the age of construction, the materials used at the time are no longer necessarily available on the market, replaced among others by more efficient, as is the case for glazing.

To do this, it is necessary to dismantle the veranda in place to build a new bigger.

Enlarge your porch yourself or speak to a professional?

In view of the complexity of enlarging a veranda, it is highly recommended to call a professional, whether for reasons of safety or soundness of the construction.

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