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Summer is logically the period when the terrace of your garden is most often occupied. In fact, it is also the moment when its configuration flaws are obvious to you. This space is too small and does not allow you to comfortably install all your guests? Our advice to enlarge your terrace.

Enlarge a terrace

Enlarge a terrace

How to enlarge a terrace?

Enlarge a terrace on one level

  • The earth must imperatively reach 5 cm below the finished level of your terrace. Indeed, this parameter makes it possible to avoid that the water does not flow in the earth soil then to go up on the terrace.
  • If such precautions have not been taken into account during the first construction of the terrace, you will necessarily break it and redo it completely to enlarge.

To avoid such inconvenience, we advise you to call the same craftsman to build the foundations of the terrace and its coating. It will thus be able to ensure the good evacuation of the waters.

Basic rules for enlarging all forms of terrace

  • As a rule, completely rebuild the support of the terrace is anyway necessary to enlarge it, and especially when it is in elevation.
  • So that water is stagnant not under your deck, it must also have a slope of 1.5% to 2.5%.

The cost

  • To enlarge your terrace on one level, count approximately 200 € / m² (laying of the coating included). A price however very variable according to the materials used (wood, tiling, concrete...)
  • For a raised terraceyou will have to shell out around 800 € / m² (all inclusive: pillars, sleepers, reinforcement, stairs, security fence...). A price again depending on the building materials and the height of the elevation.

Legal obligations

Larger single storey terrace does not require no special authorization. However, for an elevated terrace of less than 20 m² you must first submit a declaration of work in the town hall. Beyond 20m² the works must be the subject of a building permit.

However according to the law, there is no need for a building permit if there is no "significant elevation"A definition that remains very imprecise.We advise you to inquire about the issue directly from your town hall.

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