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I bought a house in the countryside on Ales in Gard; it is near a river and surrounded by many trees. I changed all the windows in double glazing, installed a wood stove redone the roof on slab. I leave in the morning at work and I come home in the evening, so the house is not heated, and in recent days traces of mosissures appeared on the wall in my kitchen under the window. Then in my room ditto at the bottom of the complaints. Is it moisture or lack of ventilation because for the woodstove I have none. Can you advise me?.

The problem is typical of old houses, when we replace the old joinery, which provided a renewal, empirical but real, ambient air.
New windows, very tight, can no longer provide this function. They must at least be equipped with ventilation grids, and if that is not enough, think of having a VMC installed.
Note that the absence of any heating during the day does not help maintain a healthy atmosphere, for a house located in a very green environment, and therefore wet in winter.
The phenomenon occurring at the level of skirting boards, you surely have also capillary rise. A global project against humidity should be considered...

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