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Equipping a sliding gate is a simple job but requires precision. The installation of the engine and the adjustment of the gate stroke must be particularly careful.

Steps to install a sliding electric gate

To do before the installation of a motorized sliding gate:

Easy to install, most engines are sold in kits with all accessories.

  • Before installing the motor power supply, make a concrete footing 5cm deep so that it rests on a stable ground.
  • Provide a cable (3 wires of 1.5mm²) connected to the switchboard (10A circuit breaker and 30mA differential), as well as the wires leading to the photoelectric cells and the orange light fixed on the pillars.

The model mounted here ("Freevia" Somfy) allows an opening up to 5m long for a maximum weight of 300kg.

Equip a sliding gate: engine

Electric gate: safety accessories not to forget

Installation of a receiving cell for an electric gate

Fix on the pillar supporting the engine, the receiving cell, 40cm from the ground and less than 20cm from the door.
Install the transmitter cell on the other pillar.

Security of an electric gate

Fix the amber light on the pillar opposite to that of the engine then close the gate, lock the engine and test.

Install a sliding gate operator: the steps

Installation template for a sliding gate

Position the engine installation template on the ground which must be firm and level.
Align it perfectly with the closed gate and the sliding rail.

Drilling of the fixing holes of a gate motor

Mark the four engine mounting holes behind the gate and drill with a Ø 12mm drill adapted to the nature of the ground.

Screw the lag bolts

Insert the dowels and screw the lag bolts.
Then add four nuts and four washers 20 mm from the ground to leave a free space under the engine.

Put the motor of a portal

Position the motor on the four nuts, checking that it is perfectly level with the spirit level.

Attaching a portal motor

Secure the engine with four new washers and four nuts.
Gradually tighten with the key and check the level regularly.

Installing an automatic gate on its rail

If the motor is locked, release the control handle.
It is thus possible to slide the gate and put it in place without forcing on the mechanism.

Locate the rack of a gate on its engine

Place a grease pencil in the notch on the motor.
Slide the gate and mark the location of the rack with the tip of the pencil.

Fix a sliding gate on its rack

Fix a first rack element on the gate with Ø 6mm screws.
Its upper part must align with the line drawn in pencil.

Adjust the rack of an automatic gate

Check that the gate slides without effort.
If necessary, adjust the motor height by correcting the position of the rack or tightening the nuts.

Connect an electric gate to its engine

Pass the power supply wires through the motor grommet and carefully strip them to a length of about 8mm.

Connecting the motor wires of an electric gate

Connect the earth, phase and neutral wires to the terminals provided in the instructions.
Connect the wires of the cells and the flashing light.

Locking an electric gate motor

Lock the engine and proceed with opening and closing tests.
Check that there is no friction in sliding mode.

Protect the motor from an electric gate

Finally, install the motor protection cover.
It closes on its base and ensures the tightness of the system and its protection against shocks.

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