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The maintenance of a garden and its watering, whether manual or automatic, can not be done without having the various tools of watering necessary. But what garden watering equipment does it take to enjoy a beautiful green and flowery garden? Here is a non-exhaustive list of necessary materials.

Garden watering equipment

Garden watering equipment

Manual watering tools

These include manual watering tools:

  • The watering cans which are mainly used for small areas, and especially for beds, potted plants, flowerbeds or small vegetable gardens. They make it possible to manage oneself the dosage in water of its plants. The watering can is the indispensable tool of any self-respecting gardener.
  • Garden hoses which can be used on all types of surfaces depending on the pressure and flow of the water. They must be chosen according to the flow of the tap, the pump available and the surface to be watered. The hoses can be of different diameters (from 13 to 25 mm) and of varied lengths (from 10 to 50 meters). There too, they are part of garden watering equipment that must have every gardener.
  • Fittings which are essential for connecting the garden hose to the faucet, another hose, a spray gun or a sprinkler. We must opt ​​for ergonomic fittings. They can be plastic or metal for example.
  • Reels or saddles which are essential for storing the garden hose and ensuring its longevity. The saddles are attached to the wall and allow to wind the pipe manually or automatically. The retractor is a "trolley" that allows you to easily unroll the pipe. They can be plastic or metal.
  • The sprinkler that attaches to the hose and which allows the watering of all types of plants by changing the flow of the water, the latter being variable, and the shape of the water jet.

Automatic watering tools

Automatic watering tools include:

  • The watering programmers that trigger the sprinklers automatically and remotely at chosen times and for a predetermined duration. The programmer can manage a simple installation as well as a more complex buried installation.
  • Oscillating sprinklers which can be used on both small and large surfaces, whether rectangular or square. They are adapted to the lawns but also to the flower beds and they allow the watering of the plants thanks to holes distributed on all their surface.
  • Sprinklers which scatter the water in droplets in a circular fashion and have a range of 2.5 to 12 meters. It is possible to install them on a tripod or on a spade for example to increase the watered surface.
  • The sprinkler-gun which have the same functioning as the sprinklers but which are more powerful since they have a range of 6 to 23 meters.

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