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Fittings, shower structures, bathtubs, sanitary equipment and storage units: the essentials of bathroom design are available in the catalog of the Itec-pro shop. Discover our selection of essential, aesthetic and innovative elements to optimize the layout and use of your bathroom.


Like everything that makes up your bathroom, taps are a determining factor in defining the character and ambience of the room. Regardless of the style selected, the faucet must be aesthetic and blend in with the decor. Itec-pro has a large range of mixing valves with different shapes and styles. Whether they are high or low spouts, shower or washbasin wall mounted, the mixers allow you to operate the water flow and adjust the temperature with ease. All products offered have a chrome metal finish that allows them to resist corrosion and scratches due to frequent use. The models are also certified to the Sanitary Conformity Certificate (ACS) standards, which means that they are able to come into contact with drinking water intended for human consumption. In the wide range of products offered, the brass shower mixer and chrome finish offers a very good value for money. The brass construction ensures the longevity of the installation, and the shape fits all shower structures. Like other products, it comes with a user manual and has a 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

Storage furniture

Shelves and storage cabinets are essential furniture in the bathroom. They meet daily needs for storage of bath linen or beauty products and decluttering walls and floors. The storage furniture offered by Itec-pro combines practicality and elegance, with particular emphasis on bamboo structures, solid, light and design. The bamboo shelf (78cm) with three floors brings a touch of serenity in the bathroom. This beautiful piece of furniture and space saving fits perfectly in a nook and sublime decoration of the room. For larger rooms, the furniture is available in 150cm version and has 5 shelves. In the range of bamboo storage furniture, the 4-drawer cabinet with wheels is distinguished by its mobility and its large storage capacity. Each of the 4 drawers can indeed support a load of up to 5 kilos.

Sanitary equipment

Wall shelves, coat hooks, fixing ring or towel rail: Sanitary equipment is an integral part of the bathroom, shower room or toilet layout. In this category, Itec-pro scans all needs, offering a range of sanitary equipment trendy, aesthetic and whose installation does not require perforation work. Ingenious and resolutely design, the spiral hair dryer holder is fixed on Vitrolite walls, enameled ceramic, smooth marble, solid wood, metal, glass, acrylic, smooth brick, concave and convex, thanks to a fixing system adhesive not visible. Its structure in stainless steel and zinc with chrome finish ensures great resistance. Equally discreet, the hook-and-loop hook proposed in the catalog is fixed without drilling on the same types of wall coverings.

Drying equipment

Decoration element in its own right, auxiliary heating, towel rack: the electric towel rail is a true multifunctional object that fits perfectly in any bathroom. Fixed on a wall, it actively participates in drying wet towels in a room where the air is often saturated. Once ignited and adjusted, it diffuses a homogeneous and comforting heat in the bathroom. For optimum heating, it is advisable to select the model according to its power, the surface of the room to be heated, but also the number of people who will have to use it daily. The models have 5, 6 or 10 drying bars of variable dimensions. The stainless steel towel rails offer great resistance over time and guarantee a faster and more efficient temperature rise than the other models. Finally, a small advantage concerning the products: whatever their size, the structure is very easy to maintain with a soft cloth.

In the range of drying equipment, the hand dryer particularly targets communal washrooms, private offices and public places. Like the automatic soap dispenser, it is installed near a washbasin or a hand wash to limit water spray on the floor. The models available are available in several colors, allowing to introduce them into many environments of bathroom or toilet. Overall, the use of the hand dryer is recommended to limit the spread of bacteria and the ecological impact of hand drying. Faster, electric and multipurpose, it ensures a drying certainly more environmentally responsible than the use of disposable paper towels. The automatic air-pulsed hand dryer model removes all traces of moisture from the hands in just 7 to 10 seconds, and hygienically. For optimum energy savings and safety, the model is equipped with infrared sensors. You do not need to touch it, just put your hands under it to trigger. As a bonus, setting the speed and operating mode that allows you to choose between cold air and warm air is a continuation of this ecological and economic approach.