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Whether installed in a garage, cellar or independent room, the workshop must be organized rationally. (Non-contractual photo, does not necessarily reflect the drawing)

The workbench itself will be chosen according to its destination and the space available: traditional wooden workbench for do-it-yourselfers who work mainly with wood and who have enough space; a bench vise or small portable workbench that can be moved to a job site.
The storage is always delicate; order and rigor are indispensable, because the workshop contains many tools of all sizes that must be stored with a triple imperative:

  • protection, especially against corrosion,
  • saving time, because you have to be able to quickly find each tool,
  • safety, including putting out of reach of children.

We must also be concerned about storage of different products and materials some of which are damaged quickly (wood, but also plaster, cement and other building materials), or are dangerous (strippers for example). The handyman must therefore provide a tool rack for hand tools or a fairly large toolbox, as well as various shelves or cabinets; In particular, care should be taken when storing power tools.


It is the beech of choice that is traditionally used for the construction of carpenter's benches. Such a workbench is in itself a beautiful object on which it is pleasant to work.
The thickness of the plateau is paramount for the solidity of the furniture; it is 4.5 cm for standard models and 6 cm for workbenches. This type of workbench usually includestwo wood presses equipped with a screw. A built-in chest on the base allows tools to be removed. The plate is pierced with holes for receiving cleats for clamping long pieces, with the press at the end of the bench.
The vice-established is very practical. It mounts and dismounts quickly. This is the ideal workbench for casual do-it-yourselfers. This type of bench exists in different sizes: it is characterized by the maximum opening and the surface of the jaws as well as by the maximum load that it can support.
The lack of space may require the choice of aportable workbench which is actually a toolbox mounted on a stand and having a worktable. This type of workbench only allows small jobs because it does not include vice.

Folding workbench

Folding workbench


Many amateurs put all their tools in a toolbox that has the advantage of being transported to a construction site.
The toolbox Traditional is made of beech, but metal toolboxes are used more. This box has compartments for tools and lockers for nails and screws.
As soon as you have a certain amount of tools, the toolbox becomes insufficient; it is also inconvenient to work on the bench. We therefore adopt atool rack composed of a perforated plate screwed to the wall above the bench. Plastic clips are inserted into the holes and hold the tools. Some racks are small hanging furniture including shelves and drawers with lockers for storage of nails and screws.The storage of the hardware must be the object of particular care. There are stackable storage units with transparent polystyrene drawers (progressive system). In large workshops, one can adopt steel blocks.
Storage shelves can be boards supported by brackets. It is generally preferred to use perforated metal angles with plywood or metal spokes. These angles are easy to install and allow all combinations. You can also fix supports near the ceiling to store the pieces of wood.
The presence of alockable metal cabinet is recommended in any workshop. This wardrobestores dangerous products and tools. It is in a cabinet of this type that we can store small electrical tools and precision instruments; they will be protected from dust and moisture.

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