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Sealing a bathroom with silicone joints

The bathroom is by definition the most exposed room to humidity. The water vapor condenses on the cold walls and runs on the windows and tiles. It accumulates at the connection point of the devices to the walls. Hence the need to realize at this location seals to prevent any harmful infiltration both for the floor and for the walls.

Sealing a bathroom with silicone joints: joints

1. The connections of different materials are the places most sensitive to the infiltration of water. It is therefore up to them to form seals that provide this protection. Translucent, as here where we do not want it to appear, the silicone sealant seal "Dip'étanch cuisine et bain" is very easy to use. It is first extruded from the cartridge and then smoothed quickly because it dries in 5 minutes.

Sealing a bathroom with silicone joints: sealing

2. The same type of silicone sealant exists in white to be confused with the current sanitary or on the contrary by wanted contrast as here with a black floor. It offers excellent resistance to both mildew and cleaning products.

Sealing a bathroom with silicone joints: sealing

3. The glossy appearance of the white silicone sealant goes well with the texture of this metallic tinted tile.

Sealing a bathroom with silicone joints: silicone

4. Once extruded by spray, the seal formed by this sealant is very easy to shape with the finger, soaked in washing up liquid.

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