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I currently have a boiler on VMC special gas and a hood in recycling. Both are in my kitchen open to the living room. I want to replace my boiler with a suction cup and my hood to put one in evacuation. Can I take out the 2 ducts on the same wall? If so what are the relative positioning constraints of the two ducts? I was able to read the standard describing the positioning of the suction pipe on the facade especially with respect to windows and ventilation. But I do not know if a hood duct is considered aeration. Thank you.

The question does not specify whether it is a house or an apartment, or the configuration of places in relation to the neighborhood.
In joint ownership, the drilling of the walls for the installation of a sucker or extractor is submitted to a vote in general assembly.
In general, the following distances must be respected:
A = 0.40 m - Minimum distance from the axis of the flue gas exhaust port to any opening.
B = 0.60 m - Minimum distance from the axis of the exhaust vent to any other vent.
C = 1.80 m - Evacuation and air intake ports of watertight apparatus opening at least 1.80 meters above the ground, except for condensing appliances, shall have an immovable deflector giving the evacuated gases a direction substantially parallel to the wall.
More generally, install in the same room a boiler connected to a suction cup and a hood equipped with an extractor is possible (it is against against in the case of a natural draft boiler)
The distance between the two holes must be at least 60 cm (see the definition of the previous B distance). It is customary to retain a separation of one meter.

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