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Paste a water outlet

  • Begin by filing the edges of the PVC joints slightly to facilitate the penetration of the two tubes.
  • Then rub the area to be glued with abrasive and alcohol for a better bonding of the fittings.
  • The special PVC glue is spread with a brush on the two parts to be joined, held until the glue is taken.
  • Allow to dry for 10 minutes before handling.
  • Remove the burrs with a solvent provided for this purpose.

Wall fixation

Fix a water outlet

  • A PVC drain is fixed on a resistant support.
  • Against a wall, simple open necklaces are enough.
  • On a ceiling, or with pipes of large diameter, fixings are more consistent.
  • Flanges with closing rings of the same type as those used for gutters are all indicated.
  • It is necessary to count a fixation every meter approximately.

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