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Cut a water evacuation tube

Evacuations: the toolbox: evacuations

Mason's pencil
Spirit level
Blue to trace

Evacuations: the toolbox: wall

Tube cutter
Metal saw
miter box

Evacuations: the toolbox: toolbox

PVC glue

Cross a wall

Cross a wall

It is sometimes necessary to cross a wall, a partition or even a floor. As PVC carries water at various temperatures, it sees its diameter change not insignificantly. It should not be bothered by masonry.
For this purpose there are elastic lining sleeves. It is possible, if necessary, to inject polyurethane foam which ensures flexibility and insulation of the duct. In concrete, it is advisable to drown the pipe in sand before pouring the mortar.

Paint PVC

Paint PVC

Traditional painting is not suitable for PVC. There are special paints for PVC conduits but they are usually white. More effectively,
there are underlayments for PVC that will allow you to then apply the paint of your choice. This makes it possible to match the ducts to the color of the walls.

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