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I was approached by a diagnostic company that offers me an insulation of my attics lost (my glass wool would be too old !!!) with cellulose wadding by insufflation. For 58 M2 in 35 cm thick, a hatch, a chimney and two taking protection the estimate is 2863 euros, I looked a little on the internet and it seems expensive?

First note that "diagnostic companies" (DPE) can not offer to do insulation work. So yours is suspicious.
The average price of a woolen insulation blown in the indicated thickness and from 30 to 40 € the m2. Your quote is a bit expensive, but may be justified by access or caulking difficulties. In any case you should first see if your insulation needs to be redone. The argument of the age of the glass wool is not justified, the glass wool remaining effective over the life of the construction.

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