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Earthworks is the basis of a building project. It is done in order to prepare the ground and create a stable, flat and solid foundation for the construction. There are different methods of manual earthmoving (shovel and pick) or mechanics, including earthworks by suction.

Earthworks by suction

This method consists to clear a deep ground by vacuuming the soil materials. It also makes it possible to intervene on a large variety of grounds without damaging the cables, pipes or the roots of the trees.

We use a special machine:excavator which is simply a big vacuum cleaner with a bucket to recover the excavated material. It has a spill system that makes it easy to dispose of materials. A machine all in one.

The advantages of vacuum excavation

  • Respectful of the environment: it allows the extraction of environmentally harmful materials and eliminates them without pollution.
  • Fast and discreet: much faster than manual earthwork thanks to the use of a special machine: the vacuum excavator that sucks up the cuttings and stores them in its integrated bucket.
  • Easy intervention in tight spaces: ideal for work in urban areas, vacuum excavation is used for interventions in narrow streets or passages and for specific projects.
  • Economic: the price of this earthwork is higher than a conventional method, but the duration of the construction is considerably reduced. It's up to you to judge if this method applies to your project and your budget.

In which case to use this method of earthworks?

This modern method makes it possible to clean a building site, to disburse land, to prepare an alley, to replace gravel, to maintain the trees at the roots... In short, its applications are multiple, whether for individuals or for professionals.

This method is used for:

  • Clear lines for the purpose of changing or repairing
  • Clear and bury
  • Dry the foundations of a construction
  • Aspire different materials: stone, gravel, mud, balast, vegetable waste, sand, earth, water...
  • Earthworks

It is necessary to use an earthmoving company to do this kind of work. Ask for quotes to compare prices and determine if this method is best for your construction project.

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