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To dig a pool or pool, create a driveway leading to your front door or build a new massif: the first step is to prepare the ground, and more exactly, to knock over the garden. Back on the earthworks of a garden.

The terracing of a garden

The terracing of a garden

What is garden landscaping?

Paving a garden is to move, usually with large gear, quantities of material such as rock or sand, to change the layout and plans of a garden. Earthworks is considered the first step, the structural work, for define or redefine a terrain. Earthworks are the preliminary and necessary works, even essential, to the establishment of land, the creation of a terrace or the installation of a pool.

Earthworks can create a stable, flat, solid ground. In other words, it creates a good foundation for future installation.

Why break a garden?

Garden landscaping is the first step for:

  • create a garden path
  • prepare or develop a future garden: hedges, etc.
  • landscaping pool and pool

The main earthworks consist of moving earth and materials. We are talking about clearing (or excavation of land) when it comes to removing soil or materials. It is usually done using large gear. And we talk about backfilling when it comes to adding land and materials to a field. These two techniques are the main actions of earthworks.

Garden landscaping by a professional

Garden landscaping requires specific techniques and know-how. It is also about handling and driving large machines. It is possible to carry out the earthworks yourself, especially by renting the machines and equipment necessary for the earthworks. But it is recommended to use a professional with his own equipment and specific knowledge.

You can call in a professional digger or, when designing a garden, a landscaper with the skills to carry out both the earthworks and the landscaping.

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