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Excavation of the land is a crucial step in preparing the land for the construction of your home. This step must be well prepared to be carried out efficiently.

How is a field excavation going?

After leveling the ground, the digger digs the foundations of the house using a backhoe. This professional has specific training to perform this operation safely, applying very strict standards.

Excavation is done as and when. The digger can be brought to use different machines depending on the areas concerned. Among the excavation works, we can note:

  • Earthworks (moving the earth from one place to another),
  • the trenches (long and narrow excavations),
  • the wells (deep vertical or inclined excavations).

For the duration of the works, the digger frequently checks the quality of the work, and inspects the embankments and supports. Special precautions should be taken if the site is interrupted for a long time or if the weather conditions are changing.

How to properly prepare the excavation of the land?

The excavation of the land must be done by a qualified professional because it is an operation that request technical knowledge pushes to be carried out safely. In addition, you can benefit from advantageous rates: excavation professionals often work in collaboration with geotechnicians, which allows you to benefit from discounts on the price of your work.

Before beginning the excavation of the ground, a soil study must be carried out. The professional in charge of the excavation must be aware of the specificities of the soil: cracks, stratification, nature of the soil, presence of water sources, etc. This study allows the professional to choose the excavation methods best adapted to the situation.

The pipes (gas for example) near the ground must also be well located so as not to be damaged during the work.

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