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We plan to acquire a house that has a fireplace upstairs. We would like to transform the ground floor by also installing a fireplace. Is it difficult to extend the conduit from the floor to the ground floor, is it easy or does it require the intervention of a professional and in this case is it an expensive intervention?

The casing of a duct must in all cases be continuous from the furnace to the chimney outlet on the roof. You must only place one casing per duct. The extension of an existing duct to a lower room is random and supposes that it is itself in good condition.

The creation or the tubing of a chimney is in my opinion a business of professional, because it engages your security.

As for the cost, it is difficult to evaluate without an expertise on the spot, taking into account in particular the length of the conduit and its possibilities of passage in the construction; choose a recognized professional, labeled QUALIBAT if possible.

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