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Good news for households who want to access property: in addition to being renewed in 2014 and relaxed in 2015, the PTZ is now renewed until December 31, 2017! The goal is simple: to make it even easier for low-income households.

Prolongation of the PTZ until 2017: for whom?

In broad outline, the operation of the PTZ (zero rate loan) has not changed. Can claim the people:

  • Say first-time buyers, ie people who have not owned for at least 2 years.
  • Who want to acquire in principal residence: either a new housing, or an old housing to be renovated. And yes, since its easing in January 2015, can claim the PTZ households who want to acquire an old housing, provided it is located in a rural area (6000 municipalities affected by rural PTZ).
  • Awarded conditionally, the PTZ was created for favor the most modest households. In resource conditions come into play: the number of people who will occupy the housing and the location of housing. As such, France has been divided into different zones: A, B1, B2 and C; A being the area where rents and house prices are highest, and C the least favorable area. For example: for a household of 2 persons, household resources should not exceed € 50 400 in zone A, and € 30 800 in zone C.

If these conditions are validated, the household is granted a mortgage without any processing fees, and whose interest is paid by the State.

Prolongation of the PTZ until 2017: for what?

The PTZ does not fund all kinds of work. The following operations are involved:

  • The construction of a new housing (with possibly the purchase of the land and the building permit related)
  • The acquisition of new housing for its first occupation
  • Acquiring a home that has already been occupied
  • The development of premises not intended for habitation with the aim of making them a dwelling
  • The acquisition of an old dwelling by a tenant to an agency of HLM (rent-accession).

A major change resulting from the 2015 easing: the law removed the conditionality of the PTZ to the energy performance of housing for acquisitions in the new.

Prolongation of the PTZ until 2017: how much?

The amount of PTZ is difficult to assess because it depends on many variables, such as the number of people in the household, the location of housing, the total cost of work, the energy performance of housing, credits already in progress, etc.

As the amount of PTZ varies greatly on a case-by-case basis, it is advisable to go to the Ministry of Housing for perform a custom simulation!

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