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I have an old house in old stones (molasse and other with fixation with the lime) and parts in rubble stone. I would like to do an outdoor insulation. I am advised against polystyrene for wall breathing issues. I do not think of going to vegetable fiber (cost). I think of glass wool or rock what do you think? Is Myral insulation possible? Is it better to fix mechanically or by glue?

The "breathing" of the masonry of the external walls is largely due to the fable. Insulation with polystyrene is possible in your case.

On irregular facades a cladding attached to insulation is an interesting solution because it makes up for flatness defects. This system consists of covering the outer wall of a ventilated structure in which will be integrated insulation. Wooden rafters or metal profiles are attached to the load-bearing wall. Glued fastening is not recommended on an old surface.

Mineral wool is a very good insulation solution. It will then be covered with the cladding of your choice (wood, terracotta, PVC paneling or metal clapboard). The OUTDOOR INSULATION sheet, PVC LAMBRIS details the process on our site.

Insulation by cladding is also possible; the very complete MYRAL system ensures perfect insulation as well as an aesthetic solution of refacing. Do not hesitate to consult their sheet INSULATION BY THE EXTERIOR MYRAL BADGE dedicated to this process on our site.

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