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Outdoor blinds are facilities that allow you to enjoy pleasant moments during a day of intense heat. And in addition to contributing to your well-being, they bring a touch of aesthetics and design to the home. Overview of the different existing models...


The awning is an outdoor awning that dresses large areas. It is particularly suitable for cover a terrace or a veranda. The choice can be made between the monoblock model, semi-trunk or integral trunk.

Space-saving monobloc model does not have a safe, but the fabric has no protection. It is a device to reserve facades that do not suffer direct weather. The models with semi-trunk or integral trunk offer better protection of the canvas but also of the engine. In any case, it must be taken into account that the awning is rather heavy. The structure must support a weight of up to 140 kilos.

Depending on the preferences and budget of each, the awning is available in manual or motorized version. In the second case, the command can be wired or not (radio waves).

Regarding the installation, this can be done on a wall, on a ceiling or under a roof.

The projection blind

Also known as the Italian blind or the right-hand awning, this model is available in small to medium-sized formats (up to three meters wide). He settles for protect a window or small balcony. It is usually set up over a window. This device can be manual or equipped with a motor.

The sunscreen

This outdoor awning consists of several blades that can be fixed or tilting. Its structure can be wood, aluminum or PVC. This device is set up at the level of a facade and according to the needs, it is possible to fold it down. Like other models of outdoor blinds, it can be manual or automatic.

Fixed blinds

Fixed blinds are characterized by being constantly open. The bin awning is probably the most popular model and is prized for its rounded shapes. It is a device that is found most often at the entrance of hotels or other establishments welcoming the public. He sometimes equips windows and small balconies upstairs.

In the category of fixed blinds, we also find the stretched canvas which can display all colors and geometric shapes: rectangular, circular or triangular.

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